We are a small family-run vegetable farm located in Warren County, Virginia at the base of the Massanutten mountains.  They say Massanutten means "basket" in the native tongue of those who first called the Shenandoah Valley home.  We like to think of these foothills as a harvest basket full of abundant natural resources and a rich community of souls to steward them.  Here at Vine Ripe we strive to help fill that basket with nutrient-rich and toxin-free vegetables.  We grow using sustainable practices that responsibly renew the land from one season to the next and protect the Shenandoah's water shed.   From sweet salad greens in the spring, to over twenty varieties of tomatoes in summer and a cornucopia of fall root crops and winter squash, we love to grow diverse and flavorful heirloom varieties you'll seldom find in the grocery store.   We are excited to be in our ninth season and look forward to sharing its bounty with you.


Bulk up on garlic for the winter!

Nature's antibiotic and every cook's best friend -  fresh, organically grown garlic.  We grow a delicious hard-necked variety called "Music." Strong but not overly spicy.  It will last for 2 - 3 months when stored in a cool, dark, and dry environment.  Available in 1 lb. net bags for $10.00.  Makes a great gift, too!  Email Lea to place your or - lea@vineripefarm.com


Final Farm Stand Friday - October 27th!

An abundant fall harvest awaits.  Make like a squirrel and stock up!

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Thank you for another great season!

Its not easy going off the beaten track in search of local food, with so many demands on your time.  We salute your efforts and thank you for supporting this farm for another season.  To your health!

What's growing on . . .

Every other week or so we send out a farm newsletter to keep you posted on what we're harvesting, how weather is impacting the farm, random farmer thoughts and so on.