The Vine Ripe Story

Once upon a time, a girl realized her love of nature, tomatoes, and world peace could be expressed through farming.  However, she knew such an ambition was not meant to be endeavored alone.   It was not until she met her match that the dream germinated and became Vine Ripe Farm.  Lea and Jim first broke ground in the fall of 2009 on two acres they leased in Millwood, VA and began selling to their local community the next spring.  Approving of the fruits of their labors, they were married on that same ground in the summer of 2010.  The following year, they expanded their market to the Del Ray Farmers' Market in Alexandria and purchased 10 acres in Warren County.   Here, the headwaters of the Shenandoah trickle down the slopes of the Massanutten and water the farm on their way by.  The fields face southeast and drain quickly.  A wise soul decided this was a good place to call home and Hollis Justice was born on the farm in 2012.  Thanks to a hungry and supportive local community, the weekly commute to DC was no longer necessary, and Vine Ripe Farm's yields have been consumed locally since 2013.  Now entering their ninth season, the Justice family continues to enjoy nature and work towards world peace while growing tomatoes for their neighbors.


Lea Justice

Tomato Picker


Jim Justice

Manure Manager


Hollis Justice

Worm Counter